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You are right, God's calendar has no pages, because he IS the calendar! He doesn't need any pages. Very wisely written! Good job! (Could break this up into a few paragraphs)
My heart aches for you as I know how hard it is to lose someone way too soon. I instantly wanted to reach through the screen and hold the MC.

Because this is short and the reader doesn't know your loved one like you do, it could come off as a bit stiff. There's all kinds of things to do to pull that reader in a bit more. I'll share an idea I had when reading your piece. Please know, it's just something that popped into my head, and I only mean it as an alternative way to present something. I could almost see the family watching the calendar flip by too fast and even have conversations about it. In the night or when no one was watching, a gremlin -like creature steals in and turns the clock ahead or tears the pages off too soon. Near the end, we discover the gremlin's name is Cancer (or another appropriate name). I know it seems silly, but it would show how you try to fight something you can't see. Almost fighting it as if you are unaware of its presence or its seriousness. But at the end, God is still there and you can share that beautiful ending. Even when the doctors say you have x long, only God knows how long that is to be. You do a nice job of showing it's in God's hands.

Again, I'm just sharing what went through my mind. It might be totally wrong for you, but it's kind of an out-of-the-box way of demonstrating how fast time flies. No matter what, that gremlin is always there, even for those who live for 90 years or more, but God sees it so differently. You definitely touched my heart with your story. You also made me stop and think, which is always good. You inspired a slightly different story in me. You'll never know how your words can impact others, so keep writing. Your message is spot on.
I am one who can say I know exactly what you are talking about. I could feel the pain of your loss and I thought you did a great job drawing the reader in. Like the others, your line , "God's calendar has no pages," is powerful. I've never thought of it in this way and it is a profound statement. Can I quote this in the future by you? It brings to life how we can focus and find hope in difficult situations and every day life. Thank you for sharing your heart.
The imagery here (of the calendar pages flying) is very compelling, and you write of a situation that many of us can relate to.

I encourage you to manually enter white spaces between paragraphs, for the sake of your readers' eyes. In addition, since you had so many words to spare, it would have been very effective if you'd included a few incidents to help your readers to get to know your loved one better. We don't know if he was a father, a brother, a husband...nothing about him, in fact.

Your conclusions were inspiring and encouraging.
The emotion in this piece is shown in subtle ways as also love.

This piece was easy to read and easy to follow even if it was not an easy one to write.