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Good one.
I hope this is fiction.

A pastor who truly feels this way may soon, if not already, loose the feel of the call of God in his work. Counseling is needed to save him and God's work. The elders or an off site counselor is needed.

I did like the arrangement or spacing of this work. I don't know the name of this kind of arrangement but I have used the term, "Prose Poem". Keep writing. Writing is the expressions of the inner self and these need to come out at times.
Very well done, I felt MC's feelings throughout.

God bless~
The ending surprised me on this one and I felt the emotion of the MC. If this is not fiction then please take the advice of other's comments and may God Bless.
This expresses sadness on so many levels! I've written some things that were responded to by people suggesting I get help. They were fiction.

This causes the same response to rise up in me... Please get help!

Now I know how those others felt when they read my piece.