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I was drawn to this piece by the tile. And then the first line hooked me: "It was a dark, deeply disturbing night that Paul found himself, alone and sitting on the Prayer Garden bench."

Love the phrase, "dark, and deeply disturbing night." Those words speak directly to me, especially when paired with "prayer bench" in the same sentence!

I got a little confused in the middle, with the timeline and backtracking, but then I caught up and enjoyed the redemptive ending. Really loved the "quarter."
I love your message here. It's so hard to forgive others of their past mistakes when it comes to seeing them involved in ministry. It was a little confusing skipping around so much. I had to read it twice. Very good job staying on topic.
That shining message In God We Trust. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us in the most unexpected ways? I know He has spoken to me thru rainbows in the sky, a line in a movie, a simple word someone says in passing, a roadsign, etc...yet we know it was a special message sent to us and our situation divinely.. You did a really good job with your article and I enjoyed it very much.
Great story. Intriguing opening, and what a surprise at the end. I knew that in the end all would be well, but never suspected the HOW.
God always chooses a way to match our circumstances. A beautifully, well-told story.
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