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This very definately made me smile - there are mornings I wish my alarm clock would give me just 10 more minutes... very nicely told. God bless.
I liked your example of what a farmer does to his alarm clock...made me chuckle..nice job.
Cute story--the barbecued chicken had me laughing out loud!
Great stuff! Kind of "A Tell-Tale Heart" if Poe had one shred of a humor gene in him. Interested to see who wrote the piece so I can read more of their work...
This is a great example of a piece written with an authentic voice. So witty and readable! Yours was truly a unique "take" on escape, too. Well done!
Cute. Some punctuation problems but nothing that can't be fixed. A fun read.
My brothers and I had just such an alarm clock. After many years of beatings we gave it to a church bazzar. Then it looked so lonely sitting there that we used our "candy money" to buy it back.

Great story and wonderful moral.

This was truely enjoyable to read! I felt as though it was me speaking! Good job!
and I have found that you can snooze time for as long as you want!!! I loved this article. I enjoy your writing style, it's honest and unpretentious. An easy read. I look forward to reading more.
How delightful!! Great story telling!! I missed reading this last week, but so glad I found it tonight! Marilyn, you have a wonderful talent. You're a real wordsmith for sure!!
I loved this! Excellent writing & very creative take on the alarm clock.