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Powerful writing with a lot of truths throughout.

Well done.

You have several examples for the meaning of social. I liked your examples.

Towards the end you had the word "weather" when I think you meant "whether". Your word is spelled correctly.

After you copy your writing in the box, you will still have the opportunity to make corrections so the layout is visually pleasing and easier to read. It just takes time to learn how to do this. You will learn.

Nice writing.
This article has many good examples of the word social.

Before submitting, try and edit the sentences so that they read as one line. Go between preview and edit until you fix all the formatting problems.

I was confused by the line: People try to reinstate the knowledge of language by speaking in tongues, when missionaries have to learn the language of the people they help by hard work.

Keep writing!
This is a nice essay on the different meanings of social. I found some of the facts fascinating. I'd love to see you go even farther and perhaps expand on one of the examples even more with characters and dialog. You definitely nailed the topic. Your message that Jesus loves us all is a great one for sure.
Although your piece didn't place this week, you show a lot of promise. I have discovered that writing is a journey of discovery.