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Well said, well done...
I thought you had a strong introduction, but felt you needed better transitions between ideas. Good message.

I noticed that you sometimes switched between present and past tense.
Glad to hear that you're determined to finish some of these threads! I guess even the Lord has UFP's (unfinished projects)!
I enjoyed imagining the "interesting ideas to follow up on" pile.
My suggestion for this piece would be that it could benefit from a "hook" - an idea the reader keeps looking for. It was a bit like following someone musing aloud.
My mind must follow the same paths as Ruth Walker's because I, too, kept searching - trying to decipher what I was supposed to find. Perhaps it meanders a bit much, and needs to focus a little more clearly.
I think this post as a whole illustrates its point in a very ironic way. It starts a number of possible stories and really doesn't finish any of them. You do finish your story of procrastination and unfinished projects. Along the way, there's the Ezra story and more than one in the paragraph about the "avalanche of consequences." I can certainly identify with the list of false starts in my own life. May we both get to multiple finish lines!
Congratulations, Elaine, on placing 3rd place in the Intermediate category. I'm glad you didn't procrastinate writing your story.