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Thoughtful entry. The subject, "mail", becomes clear toward the end. I found it tricky to link the start with the end, so maybe a sentence in the intro linking God's "no" with mail would have helped the reader follow your thinking.
It almost seemed as the last part was an add-on in order to meet the "mail" requirement.
I did see the connection with the topic and found the facts presented to be interesting. I see some room for improvement, however, in the flow of each example of past discoveries to the next. You began with thought processes and asking God about things, but then that idea seems to get lost in the mentioning of discoveries and facts of ancient civilizations. I love studying ancient cultures and the Inca and Aztecs are among my favorites. The Inca's did know about the God of heaven, though only the King was allowed to pray to Him. They called Creator God "Viracocha". The king named himself the same name.
He was the father of Pachacuti who built the fortress Machu Picchu. They worshiped the Sun god. Anyway, this is an interesting piece. Blessings, and Keep on writing!
I, too, found your structure hard to follow. The links among prayer, prehistoric technological advances, and mail are not evident. You have some helpful ideas, but too many topics in too short a space.
Discovery and development of inventions have always interested me.

I do see some problems in the flow and crafting of your article, however. I think you may have wanted to cram too much information into too small of space.