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As I read this, I asked myself what genre you were writing in. I imagined it might be submitted to a newspaper as a reader's contribution to history. As such, it was informative while personable.
Perhaps strength would be added with a more purposeful ending, so that it is not merely a round-up of interesting facts & personal anecdotes, but comes to a conclusion. Eg. Something about the reliance we have on one another to pass on our messages.
Oh, and since you're obviously interested in mail & stamps, I have a profoundly deaf nephew who is employed by Australia Post to sort parcels. They have excellent disability support policies.
I agree with the other reader's comments. I couldn't really see a purpose in the story which was more like an encyclopedia entry than anything I could think of.
Your article had some interesting facts. It sounds like the postal service needed to stop using the whistle, but I never thought of mail as such a social activity.

You might want to put the sources you used while researching after your article.