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It struck me in your conclusion, that they were just Harry, Corrie, Billy and Paul, known as friends to some who, like you, had the privilege of accompanying them in their everyday pursuit of Christ. They define "indefatigable" well.
A suggestion: that the very first line, if separated from those that followed (ie. stand-alone sentence) would have a greater opening impact.
There's little to critique here as far as the mechanics of writing; you use the language well and your entry has an easy flow. There are perhaps a few places where I'd prefer a comma or two, and a few sentences that get a bit wordy, but nothing that distracted from the message.

I'd suggest that, since you had words to spare, you might have used them to develop your vignettes about Harry, Corrie, Billy, and Paul. Perhaps you might eliminate one of them, and use only the scripture from Philippians, and use the words gained to give us a better glimpse into these peoples' lives. Some specific instances of their tirelessness, perhaps even some dialogue, would make this little devotional even more compelling.

Also, this has a format that is very similar to the typical devotional format. In fact, one only needs to glance at it to know that it will contain illustration, lesson, scripture, prayer. People who have been believers for many years will be very familiar with this structure. Since your writing is quite good, you may want to experiment with other formats for devotionals--things that will catch the eye of a potential reader and make him or her want to see what's there.
I thought you picked excellent examples of tireless workers who were instrumental in spreading the gospel message.

Expounding on the people in your devotional could have helped create an even larger picture of who they were.