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I really liked your article. It was well-written, insightful, and relatable. Good job.

God bless!
This was a powerful read...well done!

God bless~
This story had powerful descriptions and built drama and excitement.

I think it should do well in the challenge this week.
This was a good extended metaphor, written in very effective present tense.

I felt that the piece would be stronger without the first two paragraphs; they don't add to the allegory, but do tend to drag it down a bit.

Even though this was very well-written (no grammar or mechanics issues to speak of), I did find it somewhat predictable. I wonder if there might be some why that you could toss a twist in there; if you can't, then ramping up the tension even more after the narrator chooses to jump might be effective. The mood is calm throughout, with only a mild increase in tension when the narrator is in danger.

One way to do that might be to write most of the piece in past tense except for those paragraphs when the narrator is in trouble--putting those in present tense would add to the immediacy of the danger.

At any rate, this is very good, and the sort of writing that I'd expect to see in a higher level. Well done!
Great picture of the Christian walking (or sailing) the narrow path in our world today, and a sober reminder to stay in the boat.
I enjoyed it.
Congratulations, Belinda, on your well deserved 1st place in the Intermediate level.

I had a feeling that you would rise quickly through the ranks. I am in the Advanced Category and will enjoy reading more of your work.
Congratulations on First Place!!! What a great read.
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 11 overall. Happy Dance!
Congratulations for your ranking in an often difficult first-person POV.