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Wow! I love your take on the topic. Very imaginative.

I think what you said about everyone wanting something for free but balking when they're offered it was ... awesome. It sums up our society's view on worldly and spiritual things.

Great title - with the tie-in to the shoes and to the faith. Very good job.

God bless!
This was a very creative take on this week's topic. I'm not sure she would get many takers in this type of setting, and it is probably a bit too risky to witness in this way.
I hashed rear entertaining takes on evangelism. Now this takes the cake! Well written. Fun. Thanks for the giggles.
Great story. I didn't have a dull moment.
I loved your individualistic and rare entertaining takes on evangelism. Well written. Fun. Thanks for the giggles.
Unique and entertaining!
God bless~
Congratulations on first place!!

Didn't have a chance to get to all of the entries, glad I got to today!

God Bless~
Well done! Look forward to joining you in Advance soon.
MC, Wow! What a creative take on the topic. I wondering if this would work on the streets. At least you had your comfortable shoes on. Congratulations on your EC Award. Well deserved. A refreshing story of virtue and honor.
Congratulations, M.C., on your well-deserved 1st place award in the Intermediate category.

I am so glad you have moved so quickly through the ranks and will now be writing in the Advanced Category. You have such a wonderful talent and I'm glad it's being recognized.
Congratulations on your well deserved 3rd place EC award, M.C.

I am so glad this story will be published in the book. I couldn't be more excited for you!
Such a clever use of topic. Perfection!
02/02/16! I didn't see the john's proposal coming, nor the the realization of what she was offering. Very creative and gives the gospel in a real way without being simplistic. Loved this!
This is truly unique. I loved every moment of reading and congratulate you on your gift.