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Well written powerful analysis and theological perspective piece.

I'll say this, prayer is powerful and God listens...

Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this Christlike approach to the problem of peacemaking. It's all too rare in Christian America today, and my heart is broken daily by hate speech and intolerance that I see and hear online.

I have no content critiques, although it would be great if you could incorporate a few personal anecdotes highlighting Christlike interactions with Muslims. My only critique is a minor punctuation issue that crops up very frequently--you should not put a comma after a small conjunction. You have one after 'so' and another one after 'yet.'

I very much appreciated your approachable, friendly writer's voice--just causal enough to sound authentic, but not so much so as to be gimmicky. This was a pleasure to read.
There were many profound thoughts in this article. This was a well thought out out piece about peacemakers. It begins with ourselves. Thank you for sharing.
This is very true and real also where I live in Europe. Some churches have found a way to show Christ's love to the refugees from Muslim countries. Others stand on the side - not sure what should be done.
Your story needs to be shared everywhere. Only love is the answer.
Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking questions. They give us food for thought and the feeling that if we approach any situation with a Christ-like fervour some dent will be made in the problems that not only the U.S. is facing, but the world.
Congratulations on your well deserved E.C. award, M.C.

Your article was very thought provoking. I believe prayer is very much needed in every situation.

Jesus was a peacemaker, but also angered against those hardened hearts who refused to repent.

Pray that we will be a witness to the Muslim community.
M.C. Congratulations on your EC Award. Being a peacemaker can a powerful testimony all around the world.
Congratulations, M.C. Your heart-felt message rang clearly in this piece.