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What an amazing story of God's grace and Sovereign power.

Thanks for sharing this excellent and inspiring story!

God bless~
Goose bumps!

Thank you for sharing so well.

Wow! This was anamazing story about God's providence. From an historical point of view this was a gripping tale since I've never heard about the ship. Very interesting.
There were tears in my eyes as I read this and now I am amazed to find this was a true story. Very powerful and well written. Thank you.
This is an excellent example of creative nonfiction; it's a true story that uses some of the best elements of fiction (plot, dialogue, conflict, characterization, etc.) to tell a true story in a compelling way.

My only critique is in your use of commas. Usually, I advise people to use more commas, but in this entry, there were several places where you used unnecessary commas to set off essential elements of a sentence. For example:

Missionaries, who had been stranded in China during the war, were returning to their home countries.

In that sentence, 'who had been stranded in China during the war' is an essential part of the sentence and therefore does not need to be set off with commas. A similar example:

Steam ships, that had survived the war, were now crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific...

There's another example in the 4th paragraph, and perhaps one more.

Other than these easily correctable comma issues, this is a remarkable and well-written story. Thank you so much for sharing it!
Wonderful account of a historic event in your family.

Well written. Good use of the topic. I hope this rates well.

Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on your sixth place EC award, Lisa.

I think such an amazing story should be made into a book or movie.
Congratulations Lisa on your 1st place in the Intermediate division and 6th place in EC. I appreciate you sharing this powerful story. It reminded me of the fiery furnance in the Bible. I put it in my favorites.
Congratulations, Lisa!

Congratulations, Lisa, on the well-deserved EC. Your story was riveting.