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This is a beautiful and touching story. Thank you for sharing it.
I think this was very, very well written. A enjoyable read!:)
Josephine's brother saved her life once, and lost his. The minister came to the Tree House and she was saved again by his kindness - and also learned from him that Jesus also died to save her. You have put it all together nicely in the words of this story. God bless.
Intriguing title. This story held my interest all the way to the end, and even though I expected the ending, it was still well-worded. Wonderful message!
Just a few punctuation and wording glitches: First sentence is missing an 'of'. Second sentence needs a comma between are and Mom. Paragraph 9: did you mean a "gnarled finger" and "She shuddered...?" First paragraph after the memory section: comma between "how God works" and "children".
This is such a wonderful story that there are few things to suggest. Good writing! Great message!
What a unique way to write about "trees!"

The dialog rang true throughout--until the very last paragraph, when it became somewhat stilted. (And it should have been "his children and I...").

I was really drawn in to this story; the falshback was beautifully done.