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Well written story. I like how your descriptive words paint the scene. Job well done, and best wishes in the judging. Keep writing.
This is very good I think. I've loved that true story, could see it in my mind for many years now. But you took a black and white thought and with words put it in moving, living, color with sound. Do that to the entire Book Of Acts.
Very well done explanation of a familiar passage Did not notice any technical problems either with grammar etc.
Great story. I wish that we had more public displays of faith nowadays. The people from the Book of Acts were so on fire for Jesus. We need that same fire today. You did a good job.

God bless. :)
These Bible verses well clarified.

One other point you could have added was to point out that the reason the Ethiopian went on his way rejoicing was that not only was his sin forgiven but he had been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Again well clarified.
Congratulations on Highly Commended.