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I loved it! I was right there in that courtroom with you.........that nun really did a number on the attorney. It was great! I'm still chuckling. I would have titled this: "Beware of the Nun" When I started this I wanted to finish reading this. Glad I did.
Great imagination. You did a fine job.
You did a great job with this story. I loved the Sister and how she was so strong in her belief in Jesus, and how she had no fear in witnessing for him. A great read.

God bless. :)
You certainly left me smiling. That attorney didn't have a chance. ☺
What a wonderful story! It brought me right into the courtroom.

Noticed a few minor punctuation errors, but I thought the dialogue was extremely well done.
I thought this was a very clever and well executed approach to the topic. The one spot of red ink I would give is rather than telling us the scenario in the first line or two, I'd be inclined to show it, perhaps using dialogue and action tags. That said, there were lots of great things in this piece, for example the way you wrapped the piece up was really good. Great job!
This leaves a pleasant smile on my face as I read it.

It is always nice to learn about the man Jesus and accept him as Lord and begin to obey him. Then when we obey him he becomes our Savior.

Well written conversation.
Wow. Sorry for the belated comment. But I loved this story. You brought me right into the court room. I'm surprised this didn't win. It's a winner in my book!