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I enjoyed this touching poem. I felt the ending was strong and loved the fact you were looking for someone else to mentor and show the way into the fold.
A beautiful poem about being found and being brought to the safety of the fold. The editors, wiser than I, can advise on punctuation in poetry. I would suggest checking where to use a capital letter, as in Good Shepherd and Spirit.
Reading it out loud might help in finding a rhythm, which may lead to adding or changing word here and there. In the last stansa I would suggest changing 'a lost and lonely' to 'some lost and lonely', as the final line is in plural.
This is a very beautifully written poem.

I think you were looking for the word wandering and not wondering in the second stanza.
I like the line length.

For the last line:

And find their souls release

I think the whole sentence would sound better with the word "and" replaced by the word "to". {to find their souls release}

A person at their lowest may be the one looking up.