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I totally enjoyed this. Your opening line was great. I reread the word one a couple of times because it was subtle, yet still captured my imagination. I would suggest you hyphenate weather-worned because that would make the one stand out even more, and technically, it should be hyphenated. Be careful not to use too many exclamation points. You have at least three in this piece, and didn't need any because you let your words do your exclaiming. Also remember to write out numbers at least up to ten, many say to a hundred. You did a great job of selecting the perfect words--smashed to smithereens stands out in my memory. I loved your twist near the end. It made me smile. You definitely nailed the topic in a fresh and fascinating way. Your message is one many couples can relate to. A delightful read beginning to end.
I loved this story and loved your descriptions. I want to go.
Great job with topic and delivery!

God bless~
I have always wanted to visit Australia, now more than ever.

While I enjoyed the descriptions in your story, there were a couple of instances where there were too many adjectives in a row. Also, I think you wanted to use the word were in the following sentence:
It came to no surprise day three, four and five where [were] spent the same way.
I began to catch the "barra bug" fever as I read this fascinating story about Australia. The vivid descriptions of the people and the landscape mesmerized me.