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There's a lot in here! Well written, altho it got somewhat bunchy at the end. Thanks for sharing!
Terrific! Fantastico! Beautimous! What else can I say? I loved you calling your husband "thrifty"..ahem.(?) (Chuckle, chuckle)
I loved the lessons you learned. But most of all I loved what you said about "Happy Holidays VS Merry CHRISTmas"...Way to Go!
Very well written to boot! You have a Merry CHRISTmas! and God Bless.
Nice job, written with warmth and wit. Thanks!
Your article had some nice humor in it, and I appreciated that. This almost sounded like something you could share at a Christian women's luncheon. Your final point was well made. The final line was beautiful, makes me appreciate Christ's sacrifice even more, and humbles me at the same time: "Jesus didn’t look for a “deal” when it came to us. He paid the ultimate price---His very life on Calvary’s Tree. That was one pricey deal---our rags for His riches!"
Thank you for this timely offering! Bless you!
A good story and a deserved win.