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You make some outstanding points. I think many people don't understand how much of life is our choice. I know I struggle with it often. The timing of this piece gives me goosebumps. I love how God does these nifty love notes when I least expect them. Many would say it's a coincidence, but so much had to go into the process of me seeing this right now when I need the reminder, starting with your obedience to write what God placed on your heart.

Lately in my editing, I've noticed many people using the word that instead of who. In this line, since you're talking about people it should be: I see so many people who walk...
I know punctuation and capitalization can be a style choice, but I'll admit I was slightly distracted by the random capital letters in common nouns like blessing and pray and lowercase letters in proper nouns like Satan.

It was a small distraction though, and didn't take away from your lovely message. I like the Bible verses you chose (be sure to include which version and if it's in quotation marks,, make sure you copy it exactly and use ellipses for missing parts). I think you had an original take on the topic. Your words definitely touched my heart and your ending brought the poem full circle.