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I'll be the first to admit titles aren't my thing. Often I don't even notice them, but yours really stood out to me. I let the oil run dry on my first car, so I totally get the concept of being prepared and having a full lamp (or tank) of oil. Whether it be oil in a lamp or in a car, having enough makes like run smoother. Although my epiphany isn't exactly the same as your revelation, I was reminded of the realization from your great testimony.

One thing I'd urge you to do is not tell the reader what you're planning, instead, just jump in. The following is an example of one way to do so:
Feeling beat up by the world, my husband, sister, brother-in-law and I needed to revive our spirits with a retreat in a cabin with no distractions. Before we left, the Lord bombarded me with a Bible verse. When God starts calling things to my attention, I've learned to listen.
That was a quick example, but I hope it shows you one way to jump right in with the message.

I also noticed some unnecessary commas and some missing ones. My favorite comma resource really helped me figure out the complex rules of commas:

Your Bible verses really helped highlight your message. I liked how you gave a real-life example. I think many people can relate to those feelings. Your message was clear and is one we all need reminding. You were on topic in an interesting and enjoyable way. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom. God will use it to help others who also struggle with worldly problems.