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A good story about sticking together as a couple, no matter what. My favorite sentence: "I told my husband it is like camping out every day, only I never did like camping." That's real love...:)

To make your article more lively, you could consider adding some dialogue. And, by the way, I recommend you check out Jan's lesson on punctuating dialogue here

Keep sharing, keep writing!
This was a good testimony to married love as God intended it to be.
I could so totally relate to this story. We too own an auto repair shop. We know what it is to be abased and also to abound. In all of it the Lord has been faithful to take care of us. Thanks for the reminder to stand by my Lord and my man in the good times as well as the not so good times. Blessings to you.
I love the way that you show that even in the most difficult situations, it's possible to still praise and trust, and for all to be well with your soul. I also love the positive message about unity in marriage. It's so true - united, we stand; divided, we fall. Excellent piece!
What a wonderful encouraging piece. Thank you for sharing this great testimony of the keeping power and grace of a wonderful God.
We aren't living in the back of a shop, but I can definitely relate to the "Like camping every day." There was a lot of telling not showing. Could you do something like "Good, you're back from the bank. Did you get he electric bill paid?" I asked as I warmed the plate over the stove before putting on the eggs and fried potatoes. Taking up my own plate, we hurried through the cold shop into our sanctuary.
I once knew a gal who birthed 5 kids in the garage 3 room makeshift while her husband built their house. This story is in that vein and shows such courage! Nicely told...
You did an excellent job of appealing to your readers' senses in order to make your living conditions very real.

I found a tiny error in the first sentence that you might want to take care of, if you ever look to have this piece published. You have this:

How do you do it, he asked? How do you keep such a good attitude while dealing with the conditions we are living in? Any other woman would have left me long ago instead of putting up with this.

But the first sentence should read:

"How do you do it?" he asked. "How do you..." You can see that the question mark goes with the actual question, not with the dialogue tag.

This entry fit the "one topic criterion very well, and it was an inspiring read.
Excellent, uplifting, powerful and a joy to read!

Well done.

God bless~
A most encouraging story to read. I am assuming that it is your own true story and that you have gone through all this. Like others, I think a bit of dialogue would enhance what it already a good piece of writing.
Your title drew me in, and provided a great message for your story. I enjoyed the fact that your MC didn't throw in the towel when things got tough. We need more of that in today's world. Thanks for all your hard work, and best of luck in the Challenge!