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A very powerful testimony - thanks so much for sharing.

Well written, full of human interest with faith filled promise and a good end, praise the Lord! I think one word is missing (the word say) in the phrase: Fifteen years on I can with absolute confidence that my place in Heaven...
A frightening experience, well described.
If I could give a little hint on how to make it more dramatic, ask yourself what thoughts or pictures were going through your mind and what was that doing to you. Were your palms sweaty, was your vision blurred, knees weak? etc. Could you picture your hubby battling to cook without you? Your son wondering who he could tell his story to?
Still a great story, with a happy ending. God is good.
Wow- Powerful testimony. Praise God and His hands of grace.

I find it inspiring to hear how you prayed for your family while going through the agony of the pain.

Beautiful statement of faith.

God bless you~

This is a great piece. You do a nice job of creating some mental pictures with you sliding down the wall. I'd love to see even more of that. Did you clutch your chest? Did sweat bead up on your upper lip? Did your hands tremble as you bowed your head to pray? All of these things would pull out the suspense even more.

Also, don't be afraid to actually include the words in your prayer. By putting them in italics, it will stand out to the reader and might show someone who doesn't know how to pray.

You really did do a great job. I could feel the MC's anxiety and definitely relate it to a time in my life when I almost died. I like how you show that scary episode didn't discourage you, but instead brought you peace. What a wonderful message. It will comfort many people and help them look at things in a different way. Great job.
What a great example of how we should pray in all circumstances. What a great heart to be thinking of others when you think you're dying. Thanks for writing this, for all your hard work. Best of luck in the Challenge!