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Oh my gosh! What a beautiful love story... I loved it and I loved the way you drew the pictures of their characters so efficiently! I could picture them both just sitting there and I have a pretty good idea what they looked like, esp. her pretty "blues" Thanks for the moment of tenderness.
A lovely, poignant story. Your description is excellent, as is the under current of emotion, and the additional image of sloth that the pigeons contribute.
I loved this! My kind of story, I'm a sap for love stories, especially ones with happy endings!

I really liked this line:Her finger glissaded over my hand. I used to say this word all the time in my younger days while skiing! Never thought to use it this way...well done.

God bless~
A beautiful story that leaves you soft and mushy on the inside. I loved your word choices, like "patterns organic as tree bark". I felt for both characters, especially the young girl aching for words of love, settling for second choice.
I liked your characters, but what I liked most was the way you didn't solve this story of unrequited left him true to his character and still struggling to overcome. Very nice!
This is good. How different life could have been. It makes one wonder, doesn't it?

A bit of "red ink." You use "said" a few places where it isn't needed. For example, She sighed heavily before she said, Its a nice day for April. Do you think the snows gone for good?

could be "She sighed heavily. "It's a nice day..." You don't loose any meaning, and it keeps the action of sighing with the dialogue.

Great job with this. I like it.
This story to touch the heart is very well done. I expect you'll be moving up soon. I liked your mc and the glimpse you gave us of his heart.
Simply stated but very atmospheric writing here. Most entries I've read this week have been heading for fun, while you have captured the serious side and still left hope waiting in the next stanza. Great work and welcome to Level Three very soon.
Very touching scene and characters. Full of emotion.

What would the same time tomorrow bring. We may never know since it hasn't been written yet.

Nice job.
Yay! Congratulations with 2nd place, 18th place over all.
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in level 2 and 18 overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.