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I love the fashion analogy! Your discriptive language is awsome. I like the inclusion of so many senses.
I liked this comparison, too. One thing to be aware of: words that are generally accepted in conversation, but have inappropriate connotations. (Look up the word 'bugger'.)

Overall, this was a delightful analogy filled with very lyrical descriptions. Great job!
Beautifully done, and lots of fun to read. I think the "bugger" thing is possibly cultural; here in the states it doesn't have the same connotations.
Well done in pointing us to the Creator and creation. It is the simple things that take our breath away. I loved your article. Thank you.
I liked this very much - going from the modelling debute of 'Betty' Bacall to the fashion show of spring! Your piece has put a spring in my step today. God bless.
Congratulations Marilyn,
on your writing Winning Highly Commended! I love your Elegant Discriptive Style.

A Spring Fashion Show, what a Clever idea. Thanks for Sharing.

In Christ's Love, Helen
Marilyn... really like your style!
What a deelightful article! Loved your runway description, and the poetry in your prose as you brought those trees to the stage! And...congratulations!!
Oh wow, what a wonderful piece! I too liked the way you made the comparision of the fashion world to God's creations.

I'm in awe of His creastions too.
I'm with you.

I don't have anything against fashion, but ya gotta give it to the one who created it ALL.

I'm always amazed at people who take miracles like bee's buzzing and birds chirping or leaves turning colors, or a soft gentle blanket of snow cocooning the earth, FOR GRANTED.

As for Betty Joan Perske, I wish I could have held her hand and hugged her neck and walked her out to the garden and shown her a REAL fashion show.