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Marvelous--I loved this? Is there really such a legend, or did you make it up? It doesn't matter, really--this story is masterfully written.
I meant, I loved this! (Don't know how that question mark got in there!)
I love this, too! You've really captured the storyteller's voice. Absolutely brilliant!
This was great! I wonder too if this was a true legend! You did a great job with it..flowed nicely and the dialogue was so real..I loved the woman.:)
The Maccha is not only a great parable for Batai, but one many adults need to take heed to! Loved your story! :-)
Charming story with believable people and a great lesson. I enjoyed the way you told it.
Great story! More mamas need to teach that, huh? Good writing!
Yes, this is a delightful story. It has a Jungle Doctor stories flavour to it. Love it. Just a little thing: watch out for ‘as he/she they’ type statements. They slow a story down. Yeggy
I love this. So creative. Great job.
The "said as he came running" slowed me down, but other than that I really liked it. Well done!
Woops, didn't get the quote quite right--sorry. But I meant the one in the first line. :-) Anyway, enjoyed it!
Wonderful telling of aspecial story! An endearing setting and characters!
Great lesson wrapped up in an enjoyable story. Well done.
This was really good! Enjoyed it very much - it reminded me of Pinocchio's nose! Deserves a wider audience, perhaps younger children. God bless.