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This beautiful and touching story had an authentic tone, so I'm wondering if it is an actual account.

The pain the MC felt was palpable, but the joy later on that the Lord bestowed upon them superceded their loss. Excellent work.

God bless~
What a great testimony to the love and grace of God!
Awesome! God is Good!
I loved your story of God's love and grace . . . and His timing!
I enjoyed your testimonial story right from your title all the way through the trials to the blessings.
Nice job.
What an exquisite tale of love, loss, hope, joy!
You chose a powerful slice of life in the real world to cover, which portrays love and grace very well. Good work.

I could feel the heartbreak of your MC with each failed pregnancy. Then you had me elated when she finally began having healthy babies. And you used the scriptures expertly in just the right places.

I'm very familiar with "the wrong doctor" malady. And your piece uncovers the fact that many times our doctor could be wrong. In my case 75% of the time. But God is never wrong and His love and grace is precisely what's needed. I like how you brought out the benefits of good things coming from what we many times perceive as something horrible, when we trust God. Just a great piece!
I forgot to mention that your title was interesting. It looks like a play off of the textbook definition of grace, as "Unmerited favor". Nice.
Wow! What a great entry. Not just because it's true story, but because it's so well written and expressive as well. I felt your pain and your guilt and relived your experience.

My wife and I suffered through three miscarriages and a still-born child that perished only two weeks away from viability. I know your heartbreak and my wife, much as you did, kept asking if she could have done something different to save those children. Much like your story, God gave us four healthy children - the exact same number we lost.

He is faithful to His promises - always!

Great job!

God bless~
Thanks! I give God the glory for this one! So excited!
Congratulations on your EC, and for your cheerful and candid persistence as you have shared your story. God bless.
Your story reminds me of Job and his wife. In Job 1:2, we learn they had seven sons and three daughters, who were all killed. In Job 42:13, it says God again gave them seven sons and three daughters. Our God is a God of restoration.

But having five healthy children isn't the end of your story. Chris, I'd love to be standing next to you in heaven when the angels place five precious babies you've never had the chance to hold before into the arms of you and your husband. What grand rejoicing there will be that day!