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Fine writing and on topic.
Well done.

God bless~
A very interesting take on the topic.

I thought the part about making sure priorities are in line was well said.

Here's a thought--not a criticism, just some ponderings that were provoked as I read. It seems that the definition of "properly fed and clothed" might be different in different situations.

I'm not trying to come across as wanting to debate or anything. I just thought I would share what came to my mind.

I have a different perspective on whether pets and/or animals are in the same category as cars, computers, or toys. Definitely, we can and do enjoy them, but they are living beings and when we keep them, we have a responsibility to care for them. I believe it's reciprocal. A computer can just sit there until I want to enjoy it. But my cat, goats, horses, and chickens (albeit most of whom are working farm animals that earn their keep), need to be fed, sheltered, kept healthy, and loved in return.

It's different for me than for a lot of other people, I know. God has given me these animals as my stewardship and calling right now. "A righteous man regards the life of his beast." I can't do any less than that and properly discharge my stewardship, you know?

Again, not trying to debate. I hate debating. Other people have a much less touchy-feely warm fuzzy view on animals, and that's okay. But I do enjoy reading things like your piece that stimulate thought and consideration. I just thought I would share a little of what came to mind.

This is a well written piece that brings your point across very well and it's on topic, so I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be just as likely to do well as any other entry this week.

I can see from your brick that you think this might not be a popular stance, but I get where you're coming from. I have been in a similar position, thinking similar thoughts - only it wasn't over pets.

I knew a family that was struggling mightily once financially. Paying rent, buying groceries and keeping the utilities on were almost impossible on a monthly basis. Something was always in danger of being cut off and it seemed eviction was a monthly hazard for them.

But, the husband and the wife both smoked two packs of cigarettes per day. Here in Texas that's more than $20 per day, over $600 per month! Yes, I did the math frequently. I helped them each month, but deep down inside I resented their wastefulness.

Finally God pressed on me that I was not responsible for their actions. I was only responsible for doing what he called me to do, and once I let go of that burden, I found I was actually able to feel the blessing of what God was calling me to do.

I actually was able to get to know and understand them better once I stopped judging their actions and came to care for them deeply.

I am not saying that something similar is happening with you, I am just trying to share my own personal struggle with something I feel is similar.

God Bless!
Worthy of consideration. We already have folks begging for our cat and dog if and when the time should come . . .
I can see why you would think it wouldn't be popular. Our culture seems to make pets "part of the family" literally. And though that in itself is not awful, we tend to think and equate them as human entities sometimes. I also get where this piece is coming from.

I wonder if GOD gives each of us a burden, something to care about? Some hearts are burdened by the children who have nothing (hopefully the most of us!). Others are burdened for critters who have nothing. We all work together and get the job done!

Good article, in my humble opinion.
Working at a food bank does give us (you and I) a different perspective on animals and who should have them.

People who are cruel to animals should not be able to have them and also people who cannot afford both pet food and family food.

You are not being cruel. It is just the truth. Well expressed feelings and well written.
God bless~