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The title doesn't fit your hubby, he seems more like a "darling man" -- LOL.

The story was well written and offered an excellent message that we ought not forget. Wonderful job of writing. Thanks for sharing and for the timely reminder of "setting our eyes on heaven" where all our treasures shall be.

God bless~
You set the stage with a predicament and provided a satisfying resolution with a great message. Well done.
I like this.

You label this as non-fiction, so I really hope you don't mind this suggestion, but I wonder, if you were to revisit this, if you could fictionalize it just a bit. Have the MC keep one of the pieces of the cups and saucers as a tangible/visible reminder to her about where her treasure really is.

I liked the bit of calling the husband a "clumsy rat" even if it was a bit over the top. It made me chuckle.
I love this wonderful lesson on valuing God and our loved ones more than our most prized possessions. What does it say about people (Christians especially) that God treasures us and we, in turn treasure things and money?

I must say, though, I think you invented a word: feverously? Perhaps you meant feverishly? :)

Either that or the punster, Noel, has a second entry this week. :)

Great job!
Oh can I empathize! My hubby, years ago, danced with our very large and playful dog in the (gasp) dining room. Mom's beautiful wedding crystal that she had kept so protectively over the decades - complete service for eight on the water and juice glasses alone, shattered. I have two little juice glasses, but they are enough to remind me of special family occasions . . .
Yikes! I forgot to tell you how terrific your article is!
Ouch. A good message for us all... I liked your piece!
So interesting and well written. I like your message and your writing style.

Keep it up!
'a Diamond in a world of cubic zirconias'

Impressive analogy. I like it.

I didn't know which of you to feel the most sorry for. You for loosing your collection or him for causing the crash.

Over all, a fun story to read. (But I'm sure it wasn't fun at the time!)
Ha 'marinating in my misfortune' what a fabulous sentiment.
Nicely written and an enjoyable read.
Very good! Congrats.
Congratulations on ranking 1st in your level and 15 overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Congratulations on your first place. A beautiful, well wwritten reminder of just what is most important