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Vividly graphic and quite numbing this well written entry.

God Bless~
Very well written...sent shivers up my spin. So glad it's fiction for now.

A chilling reminder of the state of our nation and the world.
2034 is still a long way off. Who knows? Maybe we won't have that long. Dear Lord Jesus come quickly.
You sure had my attention.
Well done
Horribly, frighteningly prophetic. You will move to Masters very quickly, methinks . . .
Your story is disturbing and chilling, carrying the reader along in suspense.
This was so well and so vividly written. It left me feeling grateful I would not see 2034.
Utterly chilling,I don't have words to describe how your fictional account became a frightening reality as I was reading. Especially after today's news accounts of another beheading.
Thank you for stepping into this horrible dilemma with your entry.
I'm going to email my senator...don't know why I haven't already.
The date could be about right for the scene to take place.

You have done some studying to get the names/words to fit the story.

Was The ending of the story changed to a dream was for the benefit of the writer. It seems any other ending would have been hard to write.

What will we say/do in such a situation? Will we be faithful till death?
What an excellent call to action! Let's all call our Senators!

While the devils stalks, roaring, we are not surprised. I've always had the thought, "Perhaps it is easier to die for the cause of Christ than to continue to live for Him."

You did an excellent job of relating this tale. Kudos.