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Clever, simple and consistent rhyming - with a consistent build-up to a strong conclusion. Satire is a difficult genre, for it's easy for readers to get serious at the wrong time, but you have done well. Should rate well.
Oh, this is a great fun read all the way through. Very cleverly put together, and some of the words and insights into married life, that all can readily identify with, really made me chuckle. The title is spot on. Great job!
A clever satire here, though I stumbled at the cadence in a couple places. But what do I know? I'm not too good a poet. Your message was delivered well with just enough push, but not too much. Keep up the great work. I enjoy seeing you showcase your range of ability by making this one a poem.
Nicely done. Satire is so hard, and so easily misunderstood, but you delivered it well and clearly. I felt someone else's poem should be hanging on the wall in the home of a happy marriage. As I was reading I felt this one could have been framed in the house of the couple in the movie "War of the Roses". They came to mind immediately when you started your list of guidelines.

Great job!
Definitely listen to Hollywood...!

I don't know much about poetry but you succeeded in the chuckle. :)
I think you did a fine job with this satirical rhyme.
It garnered smiles throughout.
I enjoyed the irony very much.
One word---Excellent!

God bless~
Good morning.
The title should have given it away that it is satirical but I still had to read a little to get it. Great job on dispensing with the advice in a humorous way.

I like the last stanza asking if this is truly what you want for your marriage. Do you want to follow Hollywood or the Bible's examples of marriage and relationships?

I too tried my hand at poetry for this challenge.
This is brilliant. I love your sardonic sense of humor. Congratulations on your well-deserved EC! Happy Dance!
What a poem! Brilliant! Great rhymes and rhythm. Congrats on your well deserved EC.
Girl, you are skyrocketing!

Wing His words
Congratulations! This was very amusing and clever.

God bless~

God bless~
Well-deserved top placing. And now for level three for maybe a very short time. Great work.