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Great story! Great message, and well written, an completely on topic.

It's funny I've always been fascinated with leftys! I tried so many times while growing up to become lefty, but I never adapted to it!

Well done!

God bless~
Your story brings back memories. Back in the 1950s, in grade school, I remember a few of my 'lefty' classmates, having their right hand tied to their waist during writing class. Of course parents and school officials were convinced that they were doing the right thing. Bill Gates, Babe Ruth, Napolean Bonapart, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, & Aristole were a few great 'lefties'. so you are in good company.
Well written. I especially liked the last sentence. Wraps it all up very succinctly.
I enjoyed your challenge entry. I didn't realize how difficult it was for lefties to adapt.

I remember when I was in the 5th grade and cut my right hand and couldn't use it to write. I learned to write left handed.

I still can sign my name with both hands at the same time.

A few comments that might help.

I was unsure where your were going with this. The opening needs to draw us into the paper seeking some answers. Your opening paragraph made me think that it was about the challenges of left handedness.

Then the body went in many directions. Gods purpose for us, school difficulties, and others.

Some silly grammar and sentence structure miscues.

Look over the judges guidelines and it will help you in your future writing.

Hope this wasn't to critical.

Keep writing

God bless
Somehow I missed this one earlier! Ah yes, the joys of being a lefty in a righty world. :)

My dad was a lefty when he was young, and a harsh teacher spanked his hand with a ruler once too often. He says it made him ambidextrous but illegible either way. I am thankful that I didn't experience that.

Good piece! I enjoyed it.

God bless~