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Thank you for sharing your story with us.

This was well written and provided an important message. That God has plans for us no matter the time of our life, young, old...twilight years.

We are always filled with purpose when we find and make Him the center of our life.

Enjoy your new life's journey and your new church.

God bless~
Your story is exactly what I am experiencing at this very time in my life. I can relate! Good job.
Interesting little slice of life.
Sharing your story could help many think about God's plan for retirement. Hope you learn to enjoy each other as much as my husband & I enjoy being together. We may never really retire, but we've worked together most of our lives.

Keep sharing your stories. Blessings, LaVonne
You did a wonderful job of relating this true and common conflict. This is so pertinent to many retired couples. I could see my wife and I in a few places.

Some, might think your ending a bit up in the air still. But I believe your resolution speaks loudly, pointing to God as the answer to every dilemma.

You have a tremendous talent and your skill is growing!
Good representation of so many a retirement. Oh wait!

It is so close to mine. Ha! I had to laugh when you said they clean the house and take a nap. My wife and I do that now.

We had so much common with your story. We have found God's calling and take less naps.

Although, we still love a snooze in the afternoon.

Well done.
I really enjoyed this! It was lively and engaging.

I might offer a tiny bit of red ink regarding commas vs. periods. "Resting his legs on the coffee table, he glanced over at me, "Well...."" Maybe a period would fit better between "me" and "well", since there's no speech tag.

On "sighing in disappointment", maybe a speech tag would be good. Something like "Sighing in disappointment, I said, "Yeah...."" Or perhaps "I sighed in disappointment. "Yeah...."" It's nothing major. I just had to reread it to remind myself of who was speaking.

I liked how you ended it. It left me wondering what happens next... :)
You wrote our lives too! Very good and enthralling story . . .