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I'm always fascinated by the close connection twins experience. Really enjoyed this and the connection you made to how God living in us experiences all we go through in life.
Sweet story. I believe that sisters, no matter the circumstances have strong ties and bonds.

Well done, and well written. I enjoyed this poignant piece.

God bless~
This is a very encouraging piece. It makes me realize how precious and fulfilling our relationship with God is and how much I look forward to knowing Him in His presence. Thanks for sharing!
My sister and I have a similar relationship even though we are two years apart. It so nice to have someone you can always call when you need to talk.

It's also so good to know the Lord is always there also, as you said, to listen anytime we need Him or to just enjoy His company. Good article! Blessings, LaVonne
What was the main purpose of the article? Was it to describe the unique similarities and differences between the two of you as twins or to introduce others to the qualities of God?

If you leave the last two or three sentences off, it really does a great describing the two of you.

If you want it to show how God can know us, I think it would be better to hint that thought and scatter that same thought through out the story and then have a strong close calling for that action by others.
This was a delightful read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your close connection with your sister and related it to how God can relate to each of us. Very nicely done.

My dad was an identical twin and he and my uncle shared many of these types of stories, so I definitely believe there is something to these events.

Thanks for sharing!
Lovely, and the comparisons to our relationship with our Father are spot on!
I liked the story you shared.

I am not so sure of the wording on the second paragraph staring with "Hi Linda," laughing out loud . . .

Great tie in to how God must feel about us but even stronger!
What a great story.

I have one question. Are you sure your mother didn't have triplets? I sensed a connection before the end of the story and knew where I would have taken it. And you did! Wow! That is scary. Just kidding. I loved it.

Super job.
What a beautiful story!

I had a very close friend when I was 9-14 years old. We did everything together and we often had the same thing happen to us where we would phone each other at the exact same moment and the phone wouldn't even ring--we'd just be talking to each other! I've often wondered what was happening there. We never had a set time to call and yet that happened again and again. I love how you relate that intuition to the closeness we can have with God.

This article was well-written, a joy to read, and encouraging.
I love twin connections. You did a great job framing it into a devotional. :)
I think you did a great job contrasting your personal connection with your twin to the believers connection with their Creator.
I really enjoyed that. I too have been very close with my sister. Though we are not twins we are eerily connected sometimes!
This is a beautiful piece. I enjoyed each individual "coincidence." You also tackled the topic in a fresh and interesting way. Your beginning drew me in immediately and I was excited to read more.

Instead of the taglines like laughing out loud or she said, use those spots to develop your character's personality. For example. "I knew it was you." Shaking my head, I slapped my forehead and laughed out loud.
That way, I'm using a complete sentence while still painting a distinct picture for the reader.

The absolute best part of this piece is the beautiful message. I've heard of the twin thing before and can even understand it as much as a non-twin can, but I never related to how God is connected to us. That is a beautiful way of describing it and it brought tears to my eyes. You did an outstanding job with this beautiful piece.