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I really enjoyed this entire entry...well done!

God bless~
Very nice! I have goosebumps. Great job in taking a very real situation and in a non-threatening or demeaning way sharing the love of Christ.
Good job. I was really into this story and then it stopped. Drat that 750 word rule! :(
Good job taking a real tragedy that happened recently and turning it into a story that has relevance for all of us living in today's world. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading it.
Nice piece of writing. I loved the dialogue and the MC's development. As I often do, I wished for more than 750 words to complete her journey. Feels like this could be a much longer piece.
I love your characters and your story progression. The plane crash was a good illustration, I loved how your MC was up all night distressed over the event, but had no redress for it. Your Michael character provided the answer effortlessly and without any cheap plot devices.

The whole thing flowed well and felt as close to real as you can get. Excellent work. I find myself more and more drawn to your work.
Superbly written piece about this fresh tragedy and how God is our only hope.