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Beautiful and delightful way of presenting the topic, with truth and thoughts to ponder.

God bless~
Very clear, engaging, thought-provoking post. Nicely done!
I like this - let God write our life's goals. :) Nice job!
This is a well written and insightful piece. It is so hard for all of us to let go of the steering wheel and allow someone else to drive, but the choice seems clear to me, let God drive or keep trying to steer yourself until you're hopelessly lost (although, there is really never such a thing as "no hope").

I really enjoyed this thought provoking entry.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Good use of the topic.
I'm always one of those people that hates making New Year's resolutions, because I always feel like I fail to achieve them.

I think that's where letting God write out His plan for my life like you talk about in this piece will really free me from worrying about what I'm going to do this year, next year, or any year after that. :)

Thanks for sharing your heart!
Nicely written devotional.

Keeping in step with God's will for our lives seems to be an exercise in not running ahead or lagging behind.

Your second paragraph brought the tears and years of frustration to settle on my already aging cheeks.

Very nicely written devotional. I'm wondering if there might be room for showing us a little bit of those disappointing experiences to bring the piece more to life?