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Oh Wow! This was creative and crafted so well, I thought it was brilliant.

Well done...I loved it!

God bless~
Love it!!!! Absolutely creative. Fun. So true.
Can you hear A. Plause loudly sounding off with his three mates, C. Hearing joining in.

Very well done and a very accurate use of the topic.

What a creative and fun approach to the topic this week. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and caught myself grinning throughout.

I think, you need to add to your retirees Filin G. Cabinet, Pape R. Clip, and S. Taple. Then you will have an almost complete home of has-beens and over-the-hillers.

Great job!
Okay, this is one of the best I've read in a long time. Your creativity knows no bounds, and this is a genius take on the topic.

I enjoyed this read, and this is one I will remember. I had to read it over again. It tugged at my heart, a little.

Amen. Beautiful. I liked the style of the resignation letter. Very well written. Of course the funny names of the different characters were excellent as well.
Well done.
Loved this! You have a great creative style. Especially liked the address at the end. Blessings, LaVonne
What a fabulous inventive piece.

Big grin as I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Ha ha ha! Love it!
Very, very creative and hilarious! You've done really well with this humorous approach to the topic. I had to look up 'Antediluvian' and I couldn't work out EMR either, but that just shows my ignorance! I think this could well be a winner!
Very very clever! Each additional character made me smile. Great job!
Clever stuff! I can definitely enjoy the humor found in this piece, especially being one who is in the tech field and has witnessed it take over the good ol' fashioned writing tools. Great job!
I LOVE this! Reminiscent of a certain witty gentleman - nay two of them!
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I loved this. Congrats!