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Written with great wit and an authentic voice. Bravo!
Funny, funny stuff! (Your writing, I mean...not the kudzu.)

Watch your use of "it's" vs. "its".
Great style! I live in the south and now I know what that stuff is!:)
I live in the South so I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! Once it gets a covers everything - and I DO MEAN everything! Our weekly TV guide in our local paper is even called KUDZU. This piece is written brilliantly, humorously, honestly and it's one of the best I've read so far today! Loved it!
Very funny stuff here! I enjoyed this! Kudzu....who'da thunkit?
I never heard of kudzu before. Now I know what it means and thanks for a well-written article and a humorous one too.
*clap,clap,clap* I loved this. It's so funny! But, you do have a point. Kudzu fulfills its purpose on this earth and does not stray from it. Can we as Christians say the same?
Very witty with a subtle message.Title adds to the layering. Like the way you mostly talk of the vines impact on your life.
Great work. This was funny, confident and polished. I love it!
I'm sure Laurel and Hardy would laugh!
P. 1 was an excellent statement on the nature of yougsters and anything Mom and Dad uses! I could picture the branch pruners, the garden trowel, etc. under the winter snow in our own case. We don't have Kudzu to hide them, though!
One problem with bonsai trees is that the bonsai require pruning to retain their shape and size, so, sorry, that isn't an answer either!
I didn't understand the comment about the Greenpeace activists 'matted' in the Georgia hillside. Maybe kudzu, like old fast food restaurant frying oil, can find a greater purpose. Those last two lines were really funny and an excellent conclusion. I enjoyed this!