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This article is well crafted and totally fascinating.

With all the scientific and well documented knowledge of how the body works that is available today, it makes me wonder how people can claim there is no Grand Designer.

A great use of the topic. Well done!
Great article, very informative. Well written...
This is both wonderful and amazing. Some great glimpses of truth of an amazing Soveriegn God and His creation. Very good piece of writing - thank you for sharing it eith us. Love your title and love the last paragraph particularly.
Totally cool. I learned a lot about the Master Timekeeper and my body. Well done.
This is a delightful piece. God is so wonderful. Only a superior loving God could create such harmony in our world. You do a great job of pointing out these lessons.
Your article is very enlightening. Great job!
Well written article. Good job:)
Informative and entertaining piece! Well written and well done along with a message that many will appreciate.

God bless~
A very interesting take on the topic with some excellent points and scientific data to back it up. This would make a great article to a larger, more secular audience, I think.

Really well done.
A good, strong devotional.

You did a great job researching and executing your ideas for this devotional. Well done.
Your great detail to scientific proof of God's masterful job in creating man and the intricate mechanisms that keep him running well validates the psalmist's declaration, " A fool says in his heart there is no God."

Great job. Very informative and valuable support of what we all hold to be true.
Most excellent Theophilus . . . I know I misspelled Sir Theo - but your article is a positively clear winner!
Good research.

I felt you were coming to three separate conclusion. At least they appeared to be three different ideas.(even though they were valid.)

Maybe I should have reread the article before I wrote anything.
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