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You have several thoughts and ideas all through into the DAY AND NIGHT theme. Many will understand how they can connect while others will not grasp this.

For the some who do not grasp the connection an additional sentence or two may be needed to explain how they are connected.

I like the "thought filled" work. Others may want just a little more.
This is simple and short, but has such a profound message. I noticed some tiny spacing issues. That happens sometimes, so always hit preview before submit. A good way to prevent hitting submit accidentally is don't fill in level or title until you're sure it looks just like you want. I also noticed some missing commas after introductory phrases. In Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, she just did a lesson about that recently. It's a great resource for all writers. Your piece is spot on topic while still delivering a powerful message. When I read the last word, I felt a sense of peace drape me.
Powerful, pertinent message that jumps out to the reader. This was well done, and well said. Thank you.

God Bless~
Many wonderful thoughts put on paper. I say amen to them. I would of liked to have seen you expand on each thought and tie it to the topic.

It was a little disjointed for my taste, but that is my taste. Others may feel differently.

I hope to see more of your work. Thanks for your heart felt work.