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Nicely done. You brought me in, and at the end I was happy and satisfied with what I had read. You labeled this as a work of non-fiction which makes me believe you shared some of your experiences. It was indeed very true to life and was a good and accurate picture of the ups and down we all experience. The fact that you divided it into months made for an interesting read.
God bless you
I enjoyed this diary-like rendition of how hard it can be to be a teacher. I enjoyed the points you made and liked how you showed what faith can do, even if it isn't what you want. Nice take on the topic too. I said a prayer for teachers everywhere. It's not an easy job by far.
A Wonderful read and by far will be a fav with "teachers everywhere."

Well done.

God bless~
The conduct of the students reflect the demands and character of the principle or superintendent.

Your story was graphically told.

I liked how you put the story in its time sequence.

I hope you are still teaching and have found the right class for you. Your writing might be an aid to others in similar situations.
I can sooooo relate to this. I was a principal for 17 years and in education for 22. After I retired I got bored and took a job at a rural school that lost their math teacher mid-term. I taught the most undisciplined and challenging group of eighth grade girls thinkable. One of the thirteen year old girls was pregnant and delivered before she graduated my class. The principal told me not to worry they were a lost cause. How sad. Your story hit home to me and I enjoyed it.

God Bless~
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