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I simply adored this well written and touching story. It had such an air of authenticity...the dialogue, the scenarios, all of it.

Loved the impact the ending delivered. Excellent work!!!

God bless~
I love your approach to the topic. Great story telling! I like the way you ended it with that bit of hope that just maybe someday...

I look forward to your next entry too!
You did a great job on the dialog and your story went over so many emotional hills it was astounding -- hope, despair, anger, disappointment, sorrow, faith... all and more were there.

So filled with human emotion and brotherly love. So well written and expressed.

I loved this. Left me hoping Tim was standing at Christ's door and knocking.

Great work!
Great story with believable characters and realistic dialogue. I liked the structure and the flow, which all lead the authenticity.

The ending was perfect to me. Leaving us with the subtle hint that a heart of stone might be softening, but not feeling the need to wrap it all up in a pretty bow.

Great job!
I was so sure that this was non-fiction. To write such believable heartwarming fiction is a true gift ...
So beautiful, just loved this! It had me wanting more, to go on to the next chapter of the brothers lives! :)
Very skilfully portrayed characters and total credibility. Great work.
Beautifully written contrasts with a glimmer of hope at the end.
Well written "could be true" story. It all sounded like it was written from memories. That is the way it should sound.
Seriously, are you really a "Best selling writer" that's been on the top ten reviews and on the New York Times Best selling list?"


A hearty congratulations for yet another well-deserved win. Great story!

See you back here next week!

God bless~