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Oh how I wish this had a happy ending!

But, I know what most will say, "life doesn't always have happy endings" ---I realize that...But, I'm such a Pollyanna about happy endings.

Anyhow, this was so well written, and it tugged on my heartstrings.

I thought, "Well, he's with the Lord and able to see his wife it was a happy ending after all."

Great job with this tear jerker!

God bless~
Great ending. Well done.
God bless you.
This is a powerful story and sure to do well. I noticed a couple small mistakes but other than that a great piece! In your first sentence, you misspelled "trance" as "trans". And I think you left out the quotation mark in one place.

I loved your wording of the bull heading to a bone crushing party and Dan putting on his imaginary clown suit. Good stuff!

Your ending was stellar! You tugged at our heart strings, while delivering a message of true friendship. The scripture insertion was done well too. I look forward to reading your next entry!

A very touching story with the sad and bittersweet ending but captures those rare amazing male friendships, reminds me of some men that call themselves bros, bbfs I know. I loved the scripture inserted, beautiful touch, creative take well done.
Well written short story.

It sounds like you have some knowledge about donors or you have done some research. Nice work.

The end wasn't the common "and the both lived happily ever after". It was the "unexpected" that made the story.
A brilliant take on the topic and told with a lot of powerful pictures.

I noticed a few small mistakes, like trans for trance and one 'of' that should have been 'off'. And, having worked with cows for years, your method of cow tipping would not work and so loses authenticity.

I loved the pace and flow of the story and felt that you did a great job with the dialog.

This is a touching story. I felt my heart ache in places. You did a fine job of writing on topic in an interesting way.

I did notice some little things. In this sentence, He stared at the doorbell in a trance-like state. (Note doorbell is one word and I spelled trance differently and added a hyphen.) and whose the man should be the contraction for who is (who's).

Those are little things though. Overall you did a wonderful job of developing the characters. I felt like I knew them. This was a great read from beginning to end.
Not surprised to see you in the winning circle!

Congratulations on a really fabulous story and yet another win!

God bless you~