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Very good job on this piece. Your MC was extremely likable, even though he had his priorities straight. Imagine getting chosen to go up in space, and you're mostly excited about being able to message your followers from zero gravity. It's almost laughable, except that I bet it has happened already.

Ingenious approach this well written and enjoyable piece.

Well done!

God bless~
Clever and creative take on the topic. Bet this one was fun to write! Thanks for sharing!
Very fun point of view - literally! It is a little improbable, however, than an astronaut would not know about the limitations of technology in space, whatever they are. I couldn't get over wondering how he/she didn't know about that, even as I enjoyed reading about the main character's struggle.
Yes, at times we don't think and that is all our fault.

You made the point real in an unlikely setting for most of us.

Good job.
A very interesting and creative write! An astronaut enthralled with his techno tablet! Love it.