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I think this is a brilliant idea. I took it to be a reality TV show which fits the times so well. The idea of rehab center for digital doodads and then filming it for the world to see was a great take on the topic.

The only red ink I have is maybe to use a word like smacked the keys instead of the phrase beat really hard.Perhaps some more signs of withdrawal might have hammered your point home too. For example perhaps when the computer talked he could have grabbed his iPad and have the battery die and start shaking from withdrawal.

Overall though I think you did a great job on what I thought was a difficult topic. I did like the surprise that it was being shown in church. Including some of the congregation's response like a blushing face or a wife elbowing her husband in the ribs would have shown of your twist a bit more. I think you did do a nice job of being creative and thinking outside the box while still highlighting an important message. Your beginning was good too with the immediate conflict and bit of suspense to pull the reader in. Well done.
Excellent! I found this a compelling and well written read, with a powerful message.

God bless~
I liked the "play like" scene changes.

In the first paragraph you said "his family room". Later you used "the family room". You probably meant "the family room" both times.

Also, I would have the computer say exactly the same thing both times it spoke.

Interesting play lines.