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Wow - I thought this clever, and so entertaining and intensely rewarding. Nicely done.

God bless~
Unique and creative take on the topic. I loved the lime at the end about the two tablets. Great work.

One thing I noticed is the use of "were" instead of "we're" in the last thing Abraham says. And in the first thing Sarah says in the second part, the comma needs to be inside the quote marks. Very minor things for a wonderful story. I really enjoyed this. It wasn't too heady, but the weight was there. Well done.
This is a very creative, outside the box, take on the topic. I just love how you wove the technology line of thought throughout this old testament bible story.

You did a wonderful job with this entry. I hope it does really well with the judges.

Great job!
This was a really fun read. I hope you had fun writing it--I bet you did. :-)
This was just a cute little take-off of a real life Bible story.

I liked it.
Love the modern slant on a well-known biblical story. Well done.
Very clever. The dialogue flowed nicely. Keep writing!