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This was pure genius! I loved it, how absolutely clever to use the "originators" of said subject and pen about it.

Wonderful job. I believe the judges will take notice of your approach!

God bless~
As a retired teacher I found this article quite interesting. I have observed that God has generally "blessed" people with either an aptitude in the language arts and music (art) field or in the math and science field of studies.

Our education system does not always recognise this so it fails in developing its youth to its full potential. Many of our youth have to "make it on their own", usually out of highschool.

Again well written article. Oh, by the way, are/were you a teacher? You described the frustrations of teachers who love the subject they teach but think their students should also.
You have a knack for bringing the story alive. I found myself grinning and leaning in to capture every word.

I worry that you may have missed the heart of the topic though I thoroughly appreciate your sardonic sense of humor and find it quite brilliant. Since the topic was about the verb not the noun, the only time you had it in your story was at the end.

I think you did a brilliant job of storytelling and believe the other criteria will score quite highly with the judges. You opened up with an intriguing conflict. You infused a brilliant message throughout the whole piece while still thoroughly entertaining me. Your ending was also great. I could picture the entire scene. I also appreciate the homework you did for this piece and found it delightful and out of the box.
This is a great entry. It's entertaining,interesting, informative and very definitely well written. Bet this gets a nod from the judges.
Congratulations on winning a well deserved 1st place blue ribbon!

I am so happy for you my friend I can hardly stand it.
You've been gone "too long" what a lovely way to be "welcomed back" to Faithwriters!

I can hardly wait to read your next one...Keep shining His light.

God bless you abundantly~
Great story! Congratulations!