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I like the straightforward way you wrote this and it's so true. You also illustrated that, thankfully, how we are judged in eternity, as Believers, will be with the grace of God and not the condemnation of man. I liked this a lot.
Good approach to the topic. I enjoyed your story and loved the closing prayer.

God bless~
You did a nice job of transitioning to the situation to the message. I think we all wonder what others will say about us after we die, but like you pointed out, only one opinion matters. Happy Easter!
I liked the teaching aspect of your article.

Teaching concepts and principles of God's word may be "your thing". Look over the last few articles you have written and check on yourself what the "flavor" of each have been. If teaching has come through in several of them, keep this thought in mind as you write. This might be the Spirit's gift to you.

As I often say: "Keep you heart in heaven and your eyes in His word."
Your use of the topic in this entry was clever and helpful. Reading it resulted in healthy reflection - I will probably Google myself today to find out what's there! More importantly, I will remember the greater lesson of needing to recognize how well my life is reflecting my faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for that.
Congrats! God bless~
Congratulations, my friend! Happy, happy dance!!