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I'm loving all of these stories this week about God. This was an excellent entry and touched my heart.

God bless~
Love the conversational voice of this - I felt like I was right there with you. Enjoyed this very much - and got a great reminder to boot. God bless!
Good description of some who travel.

Good set of Bible verses to aid those with uneasy spirits.

I felt the story of helping the son's Mom broke up or interrupted the flow of your main story. It could be used as a separate incident at another time.

If you want to turn your story around and give it a positive twist, let all of your checking for things just show your carefulness in doing things and making sure you have all needed items.

Keep writing about things you know about and have a feel for.
I love this devotion/story. I must respectfully disagree with the previous comments about the details of helping the little old lady disrupting the story. That's what I felt really brought it home. Why doesn't God want us to spend so much time worrying about our stuff and our own stress levels? Because when we are so wrapped up in those things, we miss opportunities like that to serve Him by being servants to those in need!

I thought it was a perfect illustration of the point and am so glad you shared it with us. Thanks!
This is a very good article. I agree that helping the lady, getting your mind on off yourself and onto helping others is a good remedy for self-pity or worry.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 3rd in your level and 16 overall. The highest rankings can be found in the message boards.
I am really late to checking out bricks and entries and even here a previous topic. What a great story! Great job! i could relate ( I can be very stressed out mess on flights) and congrats on your win!