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You've covered excellent points and in the process broached subjects of truth along with a prolific message.

Great job!

God bless~
I like your sci-fi twist. My husband has suggested I write stories similar to this. I think he wanted the star of Bethlehem to be an alien ship. What we know of the universe is so tint. I enjoy pieces like yours because it does cause people to think.

I had a bit off trouble seeing the topic. I know you used the phrase, but the idea of the topic being the focal point of the story was lost on me. (I'm not feeling great though and good read it later and have it be quite clear) I will say I could kind of see it, such as twisting what the Bible says could put us in over our heads or like the people in Noah's time we are drowning in evil.

You definitely made me stop and think, which is good. You have a creative idea and I commend you for being brave enough to step outside the comfy little box. I also thought having it as a radio program was quite clever. Though I loved your ending and it gave me chills and made me wonder if it was evil or good who delivered the package. I wish you hadn't gone the route of the mysterious stranger. Perhaps instead have his best friend send it or even a church he visited. You could still leave it open ended allowing the reader to figure out who was at work here. I think you did a nice job with this piece. Not everyone may like it or even get it, but that's okay if it opens up thoughts and discussion which I think you definitely accomplished that.
Hmm- got me thinking and that is what good writing does-despite the fact that UFO's leave me cold and at this stage of my development the partnership of Ezekiel and the Holy Spirit are a twosome where I am concerned. I just can't get my thoughts around it all. Anyway may God bless and inspire you writing.
You've executed a very thought provoking piece. I would never in a million years have put together all those connections between the days of Noah and now.

Really well done.
Now where do we go from here?

Interesting story so far.

I have heard it said that a person can prove anything he wants to from the Bible if he already believes it.

Short story, fiction based on the Bible. Many people have itching ears so you may have a large audience.